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Follow our family of seven and a dog as we live outside the norm, get rid of all our stuff, and live in an RV. We love keeping up with our online community and hope you enjoy reading our posts. Read our latest travel posts below and if you really like us, take 30 seconds and subscribe to our email list and get all our blog posts, video posts, and articles sent to your inbox. To subscribe to our email list CLICK HERE.



Who are we?

the seven of us

We are the Hall family explorers. It’s just the seven of us and a dog. My name is Matthew and my beautiful adventurous wife’s name is Bethany. We have five children from oldest to youngest (Judah, Ezrah, Qorban, Maggie, and Abby) and our dog Bailey.

Not too long ago, we decided that life was too short to live paycheck to paycheck only to have a big house, two cars, and a white picket fence. “Wake up, work two jobs, pay bills, and repeat” was no longer an option for us. After much consideration, we decided that we wanted to live outside the box by moving into a box (travel trailer) and fall in love with life again one adventure at a time. Follow us on our journey as we live the simple life, get out of debt, and homeschool our 5 children all while living in a really small space. Read More

Our Mission

the seven of us

Our family chooses to be intentional and live with less. We have chosen a minimalist lifestyle which is one that strives to live with less so that the money we have stretches further versus trying to make more money in order to get more stuff and pay for the stuff we have but don’t use.

Everything we have has a purpose and makes a difference in our everyday lives. This allows us to live in a smaller space, have more adventures, and live life to the fullest. Of course, we believe in safety, security, hygiene, and the basics of a healthy life, however, we love to live more, love more, and laugh more, and realized that sometimes the pursuit of “stuff” can get in the way of that. We hope that our choices and our lifestyle will inspire others who want to do the same.


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About Our Music

the seven of usWe live for music and love to share our music with the world. Music is in our blood and our family can play anytime and anywhere.

Whether it is around a campfire in a random campground or at a bluegrass music festival in Tennessee, we are always up for a good challenge. Although music is not our full-time gig, it is fun for us to get up on stage and sing our hearts out. We have had opportunities to make music our full-time job, however, we choose to keep it a hobby that we love instead of a nine-to-five that becomes a chore.

We write a lot of our own original music as a family, however, we love a good cover tune any day. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to sing for you someday.

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Our Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

No tour dates currently scheduled. To book “The Seven of Us” please send an email to

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“You either learn your way towards writing your own script, or you unwittingly become an actor in someone else’s script.” – John Taylor Gatto



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